Sports Massage Therapy applies many of the same techniques and modalities as traditional Massage Therapy but in a way that is specific to the athlete’s sport. With Sports Massage we always take into consideration what the athlete’s sport specific movements are and allow that to guide the focus of the treatment.

Within your treatment plan homecare will also be given to help you reach your goals and maintain them once your treatment plan is complete.  Therapeutic and mobility exercises or injury specific exercise programs designed to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance will be provided to help you reach your treatment goals faster and maintain your goals when your treatment plan is complete.

I started practicing yoga. I started learning some hands-on healing stuff. And I found really good chiropractors, really good massage therapists, and what I found is I’ve been able to actually peel off layers of trauma on my body and actually move better now than I did.

Ricky Williams

Running Back, retired