Migraine and Headache Relief

Migraine headaches are caused by an increase in blood flow to the brain. This increase can be caused by a variety of reasons including allergies, food sensitivities, barometric pressure,  stress, hormonal imbalance. Massage therapy is usually not indicated during a full blown migraine,  it is more useful in preventing the next one from happening.

In some cases migraines can be related to stress, and neck muscle tension (especially the muscles at the base of the skull). Massage therapy is a very effective, and natural way of reducing both of these triggers. The muscles at the base of the skull, called the Suboccipitals, are commonly a factor in migraine headaches. These muscles respond very quickly to stress by become very tight. One of these muscles have a direct link to the covering of the spinal cord, and many blood vessels and nerves surround this muscle group. This is why, when they get really tight, they can have an effect on blood flow to the brain, as well as causing an aura and pain. Specific massage therapy treatments can greatly reduce the tension in these muscles, possibly preventing another migraine from occurring.